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Below is a list of tweetable quotes we have pulled from Chapters 5/6  and Chapter 8 of Beyond Soap – THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO YOUR SKIN AND HOW TO FIX IT FOR A BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY GLOW


it’s a basic three-step process that anyone can do when they encounter skin problems. It’s easy to do at home, and it’s likely to solve most product-triggered skin problems you have Click To Tweet It started as something I’d get my patients to do while they waited around to be screened for allergies, which can take months. In the meantime, I thought, why not have them avoid the chemicals that are most commonly associated with… Click To Tweet


the most important first step is to stop everything. Regardless of where your recurrent skin reactions occur. Click To Tweet Some women look like they want to cry when I tell them to stop using makeup. “Why do I have to stop using every skin, hair and nail product?” they ask me. Click To Tweet The answer is that some products that seem site-specific actually transfer to other parts of the body. Click To Tweet You can’t do this on some days and not others. You can’t use products on one part of your body and not another. If you have a facial skin issue, you have to avoid all the things on the list for all your body—not just your face. But… Click To Tweet

The List

These are the products you can use while you wait for your reaction to clear up. Together, they’re called the Low-Contact Allergy and Irritant List Click To Tweet Use the products on the list. The product names are very specific. You can’t just use anything from companies known to cater to people with more reactive skin, like Dove or Aveeno, because these companies make dozens of products, and… Click To Tweet Many patients are tempted to substitute for things on the list. So I started adding this at the bottom: THE NAMES ON THIS LIST REFER TO SPECIFIC PRODUCTS THAT ARE NOT TO BE INTERCHANGED OR SUBSTITUTED Click To Tweet the products featured have ingredient lists that I’ve assessed. The makers of these products achieved what they set out to do. They nailed it Click To Tweet They’re all mineral sunscreens that don’t have chemical filters or other additives, like botanicals and fragrances. Click To Tweet if you’re allergic to a particular fragrance, it’s difficult to know which products to avoid because few companies in Canada or the U.S. list the specific chemicals or substances they use to create a product’s characteristic odour Click To Tweet In any products you’re using for your baby, make it a goal to avoid unnecessary allergens. So that’s things like fragrances and botanicals—avoid lavender and other unnecessary plant-based chemicals. Click To Tweet


Many of those who begin using the products on the Low-Contact Allergen and Irritant List end up using them for life. They like how bare-bones and simple they are. Another thing that’s nice about them is the price—many are drugstore… Click To Tweet Once the reaction is gone, you can start to introduce the products from your former beauty and skincare regimen. But don’t just leap into your old routine. Rather, proceed in a step-by-step fashion. Reintroduce one product per week. Click To Tweet


I had so much success with the protocol that I began telling my colleagues about it. They asked for the specifics, which feature a lot more detail—including my list of products that are safe for most patients with reactive skin to use. Click To Tweet

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